Wanted: The Perfect Watermelon

It makes sense that one of the hottest months of the year would be recognized as National Watermelon Month. July has been designated as an entire month just to celebrate the wonders of watermelon since 2008, and I must say, it was a brilliant call.

Watermelon is my very favorite fruit. I’m not really a huge fruit person (I know not very healthy) unless it is in dessert or smoothie form. However, I must say that watermelon is something I get terribly excited for. I don’t recommend freezing one, though. We accidentally did that and had a sort of watermelon sorbet. It was super weird. I suggest making sure your mini fridge isn’t cranked to Antarctica standards.

Anyways, here are facts and interesting information about watermelons, and of course, pictures. šŸ™‚


Watermelons came from the Kalahari Desert of Africa, and has been seen on Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was thought to have come over to America by African slaves.


There are over 200-300 varieties of watermelon grown in the USA and Mexico, with 50 of those being the most popular. Seedless watermelons are sterile. They were developed roughly 50 years ago by crossing male pollen that has 22 chromosomes per cell with a female watermelon flower that has 44 chromosomes per cell. Voila! You have the mule of the watermelon world.

Factual Stuff

  • USA ranks 6th in watermelon production. China is number one.
  • The scientific name for a watermelon is citrullus lanatus and are cousins to squash.
  • Leading watermelon states are Florida, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, and California.
  • Explorers used watermelon as canteens.
  • Watermelon is the most consumed melon in the USA
  • Watermelon is 92% water, making it a great source of hydration for many.

The Perfect Melon

Worse than a whole frozen watermelon is probably a bad watermelon. Picking the perfect watermelon is crucial, and can sometimes seem illusive. Follow these tips for the perfect melon:


Now that you know what the perfect melon looks like, go forth and find it. We sure found a good one! Happy hunting!






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What About Watermelon?

National Watermelon Association


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