Cary –Senior Session |NCSU

It was my second year in grad school. I had decided to take an elective class outside of the Communication Department and take one in the Ag Ed Department. It is was here I met Cary. She was someone I could talk goats with and not get strange looks. Let me tell you, that is not common to find.  Fast forward a few semesters, and we both have our master’s degrees, are both engaged, and both still like talking goats and all things animals.

I am so excited for Cary as she starts her new journey at Clemson University where she’ll be pursuing her doctorate degree and planning a wedding!! Here’s to rings and degrees.





Alec–Senior Session |University of Mount Olive

My brother is a college graduate!! It is hard to believe that he is totally done. Alec graduated with a B.S. in Agri-Business. He is currently working at Bayer Crop Science and applying for his MBA. This big sister is so proud of all his hard work and all he has accomplished. Alec not only graduated, but he did so while maintaining a merit scholarship, working part time, acting as an officer in Young Farmers and Ranchers, going to the gym, and participating in collegiate FFA. Did I mention he did this and kept a 3.49 GPA? He killed it…and his photo shoot! Congratulations bud!!





Dancing because he graduated!!!



Mary Dunn||Senior

I’m somewhat in shock that this girl is now a senior in high school. Mary, the daughter of Dale and Angie Dunn, is someone I have watched grow up over the years. She is so very vivacious, beautiful, well-rounded, and full of sass.  Mary is heavily involved in 4-H, has competed nationally in the Make It With Wool Competition, volunteers at the hospital, and shows cows.

She will graduate from Wayne School of Engineering High School and has been accepted into several colleges. She eventualy wants to go on for occupational therapy. She has a bright future ahead of her, and I can’t wait to see where life takes her!