A World Without Ag Wednesdays: Marshmallows

Of all of the byproducts that pigs and other animals give us, I think marshmallows are one of the most fun. I mean, they are squishy, delicious, and a necessity in hot chocolate and at campouts. I decided to write a poem for this week’s World Without Ag Wednesdays. I hope you enjoy!

Ode to Marshmallows

Oh marshmallow, oh so white,

Although now, you come in colors so bright.

You’re fluffy and sticky,

But definitely not icky.

Made from pig byproducts like gelatin.

Some people say, “oh what a sin!”

How can they, though,

When your attendance is imperative in the campfire glow?

This brings me to your relationship with chocolate and grahams.

Wow! That combo is a grand slam.

Your glory doesn’t stop there.

You and hot chocolate are quite a pair.

Pigs love you as a treat,

That’s how we get them ready to compete.

Mini, or jumbo–we love all of them.

Thanks to pigs and ag we have the marshmallow gem.

hot chocolate

I also wanted to share this fun video. I hope everyone knows that this is NOT how we get marshmallows. It is simply a humorous video 🙂


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