Meet the New Additions

After 6 hours on the road, my brother, Alec and I finally made it home with two new show goats.

The little does were born in September and October. They have some growing to do, but I think they have some great potential. Without further adieu welcome this year’s goats for the spring show and sale in April to the farm.

I would like to introduce Hershey, shown by Gideon…

gid and hersehAnd Reeses, shown by Isaac.

reesesThe boys were super excited to see their new goats, weigh them, and introduce them to their new home.

boys in trailerWithin 5 minutes, they were already wanting to practice showing them with collars and leashes. I told them they might want the newbies to get used to everything first. They agreed that rubbing them would suffice for now.

Of course, I had to snap a picture of the new additions for you guys. Can you say #blogger’slife?

take a picEven Sassy, the barn cat, had to come check things out.

sassStay tuned for two more little girls that will be added to the farm within the coming days. These ones will be much more pink and will say oink!

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