Quick, Add Muck Boots and Raincoats to the Christmas List

I didn’t know I was getting waterfront property for Christmas this year. With over two and a half inches in 24 hours and no signs of letting up, Christmas Eve has turned into a monsoon. I hope Santa has some sort of boat sleigh, because he is going to need it.


As I went to feed this morning, I realized that my muck boots have holes in them. Those puddles that resemble lakes quickly spilled into my boots. Is it too late to add muck boots to the Christmas list?

I wasn’t the only one having issues with the rain. The sheep were not pleased and hunkered in their grain bin shelter.


They were bribed to come up to the bigger shelter with feed, but stopped abruptly when a big, scary puddle stood in their way. They danced for a while before the thought of feed overcame their fear. Soon, six lambs had made their way to both dry land and food. I wonder if the sheep are asking for raincoats and muck boots from Santa too?

"I am not amused"
“I am not amused”

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! If you recently got waterfront property like I did, stay dry out there.


PS Santa, if it isn’t too late, I’d really like waterproof muck boots. Thanks!


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